In strategy development we clarify goals and priorities: What do you want to achieve in the next few years?
We accompany the development process in ways that a clearly stated shared view among decision-makers and a roadmap that gives orientation to employees is developed. Together we clarify goals, areas of activity and identity, that results in fields of action and strategic projects for the following years.


What is the scope of the organization, and what are the strategic goals?

We clarify the purpose of your organization and work with your managers on meaningful objectives in terms of growth, success and reputation.

What are characteristic values and attitudes of the organization?

Together we work on the core values of your organisation and the rules of conduct that make your organization an attractive partner for customers and employees in the future.


What are activities the organization should concentrate on in future?

We define the future of your organization: What do you want to do, for whom, with whom, where, and in what form? This gives all stakeholders a clear map of where the organization is going and where it is not.

In brand development we clarify the desired brand identity: What do you stand for and how can you get others to experience this?
The process creates a distinct vision of the brand in the minds of all employees and lays the foundation for employees to act as brand ambassadors.


What does the brand stand for?

Based on past success pattern, we compose together with you a concise but powerful portrait of your brand, one that communicates your values, skills, accomplishments, character and commitment, and clearly puts you in a leading position among your competitors. The results form nothing less than the basis for all your future activities.


How can the organization make the brand come alive at touchpoints?

We work with you on designing touchpoints along your desired brand meaning to create consistent experiences for your customers and other major players in the market.


How many brands does the organization need to properly structure the offering?

We examine whether your entire range of activities can wisely be bundled together under one umbrella brand or whether several brands are needed. We devise a finely tuned brand architecture for all your marketing activities and create smooth internal processes to implement it at all levels.

Positioning means focus and differentiation: How can you most effectively differentiate yourselves from competitors?
The process provides a clear statement of the desired position in the future. Intensive discussions of customer expectations result in a market-focused thinking of all those involved in the process.

Which special capabilities do the organization need for success, now and in the future?

We inventory your organization's strengths. Considering future challenges and the outlook for your competitors, we determine how fit your company is for the future.


Which markets and technologies should the organization focus in future?

We support you in the identification of the most viable market segments and determine the competitive advantage respectively. We take this a step further, making specific recommendations for resource allocations and revealing implications for your innovation programs.


How should the organization differentiate from competitors?

In crowded markets we help you stand out from the pack. We identify the key elements that separate your firm from its competitors. Through hardwiring these advantages into your company's culture we assure that you remain an attractive partner in future.