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Innovation: We integrate customer feedback in the development and marketing of your new offerings

We provide information about macro trends as well as market developments and customer expectations. We assess the importance of different product and service components and analyse marketing activities in terms of their differentiation potential and contribution to success.

[iconfeature title=”Which developments are emerging in the market and what opportunities do they offer?” content=”We analyse the attractiveness of markets and discuss likely changes over the next few years. We identify cross-segment and segment-specific customer expectations.” icon=”search” iconfont=”fontawesome”]
[iconfeature title=”How important are different product and service components for potential customers?” content=”We assess which components of products and services are essential and which ones are only ‘nice to have’. This information provides clear guidelines for the development and marketing of tomorrow’s range.” icon=”sliders” iconfont=”fontawesome”]
[iconfeature title=”How successful are marketing activities?” content=”Organisations can combine their portfolio, prices, communication, distribution etc. in various ways. We analyse which combinations successfully contribute to differentiation and market success.” icon=”check-circle” iconfont=”fontawesome”]