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Customer journey: We check the experience quality at important touchpoints

We provide information about particularly positive or negative experiences with your company: Which touchpoints do (not) matter, how are they evaluated and where is room for improvement?

[iconfeature title=”Which experiences do customers have along their customer journey?” content=”We clarify which touchpoints (e.g. information search, usage, interaction with employees) are particularly important in the industry. Hence, we develop customer experience maps to facilitate an internal understanding of the customer journey.” icon=”star” iconfont=”fontawesome”]
[iconfeature title=”Where are crucial experiences in the customer journey?” content=”We analyse for individual touchpoints (or entire journeys) where particularly positive or negative experiences happen. This can be used to derive concrete measures to improve or enhance strengths.” icon=”trophy” iconfont=”fontawesome”]
[iconfeature title=”How can the customer journey be optimized?” content=”Organizations face personal, organizational or financial limits in designing and optimizing different touchpoints. We help to assess possible consequences of touchpoint adaptations on brand strength and satisfaction.” icon=”touch_app” ]