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Brand: We assess the strength of your brand from the perspective of customers and other stakeholders

We provide information about the perception of your brand on the market: Which meaning is attributed to the brand, how intense is the emotional bond and how strong is it compared to competitors?

[iconfeature title=”What does the brand stand for?” content=”We identify which attributes, benefit propositions, values, emotions, users and usage situations are attributed to the brand – which ones are unique and which are replaceable.” icon=”question” iconfont=”fontawesome”]
[iconfeature title=”How close is the relationship between the brand and its stakeholders?” content=”We determine the relationship quality between brands and customers, partners or employees. We analyse sympathy, trust and willingness to recommend and identify the most effective levers to strengthen the relationship.” icon=”smile-o” iconfont=”fontawesome”]
[iconfeature title=”What value does the brand have?” content=”Strong brands attract – they are chosen more often and achieve higher prices. We identify the value of brands and show the most effective driver combinations to strengthen your brand.” icon=”line-chart” iconfont=”fontawesome”]